Partner In Progress Profiles: GW Mechanical Donates Their Time and Expertise in Casper, The Place They Call Home

Founded in 1988, GW Mechanical is one of the premier mechanical contractors in Wyoming. With the main office located here in Casper, they offer services in plumbing, HVAC, and related mechanical work. “We desire to support our community when and where we can,” explains Brandon Cockrum, the Service Supervisor for GW Mechanical. That’s why here at David Street Station, we felt incredibly lucky when GW Mechanical donated their time and services to help us with our biggest piece of equipment, the ice rink chillers.

Working hard every day, the ice rink chillers keep the ice cold enough to stay frozen throughout the season. Cockrum gave us insight into just what it takes to set up and maintain these chillers for the ice rink.

“We assist with setting the chillers on the roof, connecting the chilled water lines to the chillers and system piping, re-filling the chilled water system with the correct water/glycol percentage, and making sure the system is operating correctly with the proper flow, temperatures and pressures.”

Along with helping set up, at the end of every season when the chillers are taken down, GW Mechanical captures all the glycol and stores it until the following winter season so our ice rink can re-use the glycol each year.

As GW Mechanical completes the installation of the chillers year to year, Cockrum explains the joy that they feel comes from seeing their quality job result in families coming together to enjoy time on the ice. “GW Mechanical is a family-oriented company, we live here, we work here, we play here, and this is our home too.”

David Street Station, which is 100% privately funded, is thankful for GW Mechanical and its support through their service and monetary donations. Generous donations from our Partners In Progress and Friends of the Station are an investment in the future of Downtown Casper.

With a strong commitment to our community, we’re proud to have GW Mechanical as a Partner in Progress!

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