Pete & Amber Fazio: David Street Station is Good for Business

David Street Station truly brings the community together. Not only have the events drawn people together, but it has also drawn businesses together.  

As local business owners, we understand the impact of community support, so we are thrilled to see how locally owned businesses are reaping the rewards that David Street Station is providing. Each event brings in hundreds of people and those people are choosing to purchase food, drinks, and locally made products from vendors during events. Additionally, because of the volume of people David Street Station attracts, foot traffic is naturally spilling out into our thriving Downtown increasing awareness about the businesses here. Those visitors are choosing to stay the downtown-area restaurants and shops while attending events at David Street Station.  

Our Downtown was already in a great revitalization stage and David Street Station helped to maximize these efforts by providing a place where all of Casper can come together to create the Downtown atmosphere Casper desires.   

It makes us proud to live in a community that supports local families because they support local businesses.  

– Pete and Amber Fazio 

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