Partner In Progress Profiles: Silver Fox, Forty Years of Community, Compassion, & Cooking

Bernard Ambrosino has been at the head of the Silver Fox for over 40 years. Opening its doors in 1980, Bernard has seen the city grow up around his restaurant. When he became the full owner of the restaurant 8 years ago, he was honored to see the support from the community.

When you dine at Silver Fox, you feel like a part of their family. Along with their friendly service, their menu is filled with delicious items including prime rib, steaks, seafood, and their famous bacon knots. “I have been able to see generations grow up at the restaurant,” Ambrosino explains, serving them at dinner, at their graduation parties, and their weddings. With a deep-rooted connection to the community, Bernard has also seen the importance of supporting it. From donating dinners to catering non-profit events, the Silver Fox has proudly partnered with many charities and organizations, including David Street Station.

The Silver Fox has generously donated to David Street Station as a Partner in Progress the past two years. “I am always amazed at what they were able to do [at David Street Station]. I wanted to give a little to help,” he explains. Becoming a Partner In Progress, the Silver Fox has helped continue our mission of offering a central gathering place for the community to enjoy.

David Street Station is 100% privately funded. Generous donations from our Partners In Progress and Friends of the Station are an investment in the future of Downtown Casper.

“Casper is a unique community, we are able to participate in neat things,” Ambrosino states. We couldn’t agree more and are thankful for all the generous donors who participate as our Partners in Progress. With forty years of cooking and conversation at his dinner tables, we are thankful for Bernard Ambrosino and his Silver Fox family. Bernard, thank you for always taking the time to help our community to prosper and ensuring the future success of David Street Station for generations to come.

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