Making David Street Station #Kustom with Kustom Koncepts.

It’s the activity we’ve all been waiting for, ice skating at the David Street Station outdoor ice rink will be opening this Friday, November 29th! As skaters step onto the ice this season, they might not realize the hard work and history behind the rink. More importantly, how a local business stepped up to the plate to design and build the dasher board structure for the whole community to enjoy.


“When David Street Station was in its design stages, we explored plans to purchase our ice rink dasher boards from a company on the east coast,” explains Kevin Hawley, Executive Director of David Street Station. “We had no idea we could create them so close to home.” That is where Kustom Koncepts -a metal fabricator right here in Casper- comes into the story.


Brothers Cameron and Branden Wagner, owners and operators of Kustom Koncepts, took on designing the unique structure. To many, building an ice rink dasher board system from scratch is quite the challenge, but Kustom Koncepts knew that as long as it was made of metal, they could get the job done. As a one-stop-shop for sheet metal and steel cutting, turning, milling and drilling, they were able to create the perfect space for our ice skaters to enjoy. Their team also generously donated their time to install the dasher boards, working hard from dusk to dawn to get it ready for the holiday season.

Not only did building the dasher boards here in Casper help David Street Station save on the overall budget, but it also developed into Kustom Koncepts generously sponsoring these dasher boards for the winter seasons to come.

“Kustom Koncepts is proud to supply the metalwork and fabricated components at David Street Station. We began with the fabrication and erection of the bandshell steel for phase I of the project and have provided all of the steel for the rest of the site since then.  We are passionate about our work and the projects we do and it couples well with the enthusiastic atmosphere at DSS.  We enjoy attending events and interacting with other families enjoying the space year-round. Fabricating and assembling the dasher boards and tree stand is another interesting project and a great way for Wyoming craftsmen to publicly showcase our work” stated Branden Wagner.   


As we all give thanks this holiday season, don’t forget to thank Kustom Koncepts, because without them there would be no dasher boards, and without dasher boards there would be no David Street Station outdoor ice rink! We are proud to work with a company who designs local, builds local, and lives local.

We hope you’ll come to enjoy ice skating this season at the place #WhereCasperComesTogether

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