A Heartfelt Thank You to Freddie and Polished Concrete of Wyoming

David Street Station, beautifully designed by Lyle Murtha of Stateline No. 7 of Casper, has been a cornerstone of our community since its opening in 2017. This vibrant space, which brings together people of all ages and backgrounds, recently faced the challenge of undergoing major maintenance on our beloved splash pad. With the generous support of Hilltop Bank, we were able to hire a local Wyoming contractor, whose expertise and dedication were crucial for the success of this complex and technical project.

Focusing in on the contractor, Polished Concrete of Wyoming is an industry leader offering state-of-the-art concrete flooring in a variety of commercial, industrial, and private environments. They have been in business for around 20 years, and when presented with this project, they were immediately up for the task and put together a detailed and precise proposal. To sum it up, the splash pad was to be ground down, and brought back to life through broadcast coating (color sand + epoxy), as well as top and final coatings. This was no easy (or quick) task, but once approved they got to work right away.

Timing for such projects is never ideal, but thanks to the tireless efforts of Freddie and his incredible team at Polished Concrete of Wyoming, we were able to complete the necessary repairs. The splash pad, subjected to extreme heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter, demands meticulous care and precision. Spending an average of 15-20 hours a day on this project, Freddie and his team worked around the clock, displaying an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their perfectionist attitude and attention to detail ensured that the project was executed flawlessly. As Freddie stated, “it needed to be done right.”

At David Street Station, a non-profit 501(c)(3), we are only as strong as the community that supports us and every dollar matters and needs to be stretched. Our ability to be #WhereCasperComesTogether relies heavily on the generosity of our community. In a remarkable show of spirit and support, Polished Concrete of Wyoming not only worked tirelessly to meet an extremely tight deadline but also donated all the supplies and materials, charging only for their labor. This unbelievable generosity helped keep the project within budget and achievable for this year.

Freddie, your dedication to this project and our community is truly commendable. Working seven days a week, you delivered on your promise despite the challenges. Your hard work and commitment truly exemplify the Wyoming mentality and spirit, where a handshake and your word still mean something.

From all of us at David Street Station, thank you, Freddie, and the entire Polished Concrete of Wyoming team, for your outstanding work and dedication. You have played an integral role in maintaining a vital part of our community space, and we are profoundly grateful.



Drone Photo Credit: Quinten Endelman

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